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Tips & Tricks

4 things to consider when shopping for luggage that will make your life easier!

Whether it be for a weekend getaway or for a longer period, some belongings just cannot be left behind! Therefore, luggage plays an important part when traveling. Here is a list of key points to look for in your travel bags to simplify your future travels!

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It’s All About the Business Case!

Since its invention in 1850, the briefcase was mainly associated with the business market. An old saying even proposes that if you need a suit, you have to own a briefcase. Indeed, if you regularly wear a suit or a blazer, the attaché cases are the most stylish choices for a professional bag. Today, the business cases are suitable for all professions that involve the transport of documents, laptop or other from one place to another. Although some business cases often have specific usages, they are practical for various purposes.

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The handbag, an accessory only for women?

Although some handbags are primarily intended for a female clientele, there are many bags that are created to be suitable for both men and women. Unisex bags allow both sexes to carry and protect their personal and everyday items.    

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How to make your Leather Items last longer

The fashion industry uses leather in all its forms for its high quality when manufacturing bags, belts, wallets, etc. It is a living material that can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Here are some basic notions for the maintenance of your leather bags and accessories.

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The leather wallet – an everyday fashion accessory

An adage says that when you offer a wallet as a gift, you must include an amount of money to bring luck and to ensure that it will always be filled. We know that wallets are often filled with things other than what they are meant for. Indeed, men's wallets can often be as overloaded as women's handbags.


The backpack, a functionality friendly bag!

Back to school season rhymes with new backpacks, but, as we all know, the back to school period is not just for the younger ones. Whether you are a college student, university student or a professional worker, a bag is essential to carry your laptops, documents, notebooks and more.



Leather is a noble material that everyone loves, Mancini Leather has selected for you gift ideas for every person on your holiday gift list. There is nothing better than to offer a thoughtful gift planned to match its recipient’s personality.

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Travel tips - Pack like a pro

Preparing properly your luggage will allow you to enjoy the time on vacation and avoid the risk of forgetting something.

Whether it's an essential item or simply one that will make your trip more enjoyable, be sure to include it in your luggage. Nothing is more unpleasant than having to go shopping on a trip to replace an item you forgot at home. Here’s a short list of the essential elements to prepare your suitcases and travel luggage like a pro.

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Leather – this noble and timeless material

Leather is a noble material that has been around for many decades. Although the fashion world is introducing new trend colors every season, leather remains timeless, regardless of its color. Whether you opt for a timeless black color, a brown that goes with everything or a brighter color, all options are possible for leather bag and leather accessory.


Behind the brand

Mancini Leather has established itself as a premium brand in the Canadian market by creating products that invariably capture the imagination of the most discerning clientele.

Learn how it all started and get to know Mancini Leather from the inside with this Q&A session with the owner.

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