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Luggage and Travel Bags - 3 piece luggage sets

Tired of your old mismatched luggage? Need a carry-on bag with an affordable price? MANCINI Leather Goods welcomes you to the family!

Travel in style with our lightweight spinner suitcases and luggage sets. Whether you need a carry-on case or one of our different sizes of upright bags, MANCINI’s luggage pieces can withstand rigorous conditions. Since these travel bags are made from ABS and/or PC materials, they’re long-lasting. Each piece is provided with a MANCINI 10-year limited warranty.

When you’re searching for luggage in Canada, you want one of the best brands that you can trust.

Why Choose MANCINI Luggage?

Personalize your luggage by choosing a colour that suits your personality! While we have black models, our bold models of red and blue offer an additional benefit: they’re eye-catching on the baggage carousel. You won’t need to hunt through dozens of other bags to find yours, thereby saving yourself a lot of time!


Our luggage selection caters to our vast clientele’s travelling needs. You’ll find cases of varying sizes, such as 25” and 29” for our upright models. Our spinner cases come with four sturdy wheels that pivot 360°, facilitating manoeuvrability through most types of weather conditions.

Packing is made simple with the divided inner sections that organize your items. When you reach your destination and settle down to unpack, your belongings will still be neat and tidy with the help of the tie-down straps and the zippered divider. MANCINI models also have one or two small zippered pouches for flat or small essentials, such as a tablet or jewellery. We try to make packing less of a hassle, so our luggage pieces expand up to 1.5" for additional storage capacity.

If you’re transporting your laptop or fragile items you’ve bought while on holiday, we have the best luggage sets to protect them. With hardside shell casing, your bag’s contents will remain intact, even if someone mishandles your suitcase or if it has a bumpy ride on conveyor belts. MANCINI is one of the top brands to make impact-resistant and water-resistant luggage.

Softside travelling bags may be better suited for your needs, so consider browsing through our business cases.

Your luggage endures quite a lot of activity, so it’s bound to get dirty either from car splashes or from being on countless conveyor belts. You’ll be happy to know that our products are easy to clean, so they’ll look like new in record time.

Many people worry about their belongings when they travel, whether it’s across Canada, Europe or Asia. If you need peace of mind, we have the travel bags for you! MANCINI’s luggage sets are tamper-proof because they feature TSA-secure built-in side locks for the ultimate security against smugglers and thieves.

Buying on a budget? Our travel sets and individual products are set at the best price range for travellers who want high-quality merchandise in Canada without hurting their wallet.

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MANCINI Leather Goods is one of the premier Canadian brands with superior travelling equipment. You’re sure to fall in love with leather when you acquire a MANCINI product. Every stitch is made by an expert craftsman who has a deep understanding of the art.

Were you able to find what you want? We have more than just luggage, such as wallets and accessories, business cases, and leather bags. Take advantage of our selection, so you have everything for your next trip. Get free shipping on orders over $100!

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