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With a MANCINI leather catalog case, you’re ready to get down to business. Choose from our high-quality line of rolling cases that can accommodate laptops of up to 17” and may also include a removable cushioned sleeve when your computer isn’t needed. Depending on the model, you can have zippered or flap compartments on the outside for smaller items, including writing implements, your phone, and your wallet.

Our leather catalog cases vary in colour, such as black, brown, and burgundy. The MANCINI brand provides items that are timeless and sophisticated, so they will go with any ensemble and are appropriate for all business ventures.


A catalog case is designed to make your life easier. Whether you’re giving a presentation, going to class, or have a date in court, your essentials will be safe in your case. Benefit from:

  • A second handle: Most of our catalog cases feature a retractable handle, allowing individuals to make a quick switch from carrying to pulling their rolling leather catalog case. A catalog case is fine for navigating faster through crowds, but when the load gets to be too heavy with your laptop, the retractable handle is useful. After all, finding a taxi is sometimes impossible.
  • More time: While on the go with a catalog case, the inner organizer allows you to sort through your documents with ease. You’ll never have to search for that one document you need.
  • Durability: The MANCINI brand guarantees a one-year limited warranty on all items you see above.
  • Resilience: Caught in the rain? Only the best types of material are used to make MANCINI products. As long as you take care of your case, it will keep your documents, laptop, and other essentials dry.
  • Protection: Cases that bear the MANCINI brand name come with a combination locking mechanism, so your valuables and vital documents stay safe.
  • Compactness: Leather catalog cases make for reliable travelling companions. They’re suitable for rolling down narrow plane aisles and can be easily secured when it comes time to checking at the gate.

Leather catalog cases are often chosen by representatives for companies who do a lot of travelling. It’s one of the best designed bags for transporting brochures, presentation hand-outs, product samples, and folders.


Men and women around the world search for the best catalog cases for their work weekends and short business trips. MANCINI is a brand that delivers on superior quality and functionality. We have other styles of business cases, including laptop bags and attaché briefcases.

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