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RFID Blocking Technology

RFID blocking wallets are becoming increasingly popular, as people become more aware of the threat of identity theft. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and refers to the technology that is used in contactless credit cards and debit cards. This technology transmits data wirelessly, and can be read by scanners from up to several feet away. 

RFID secure wallets protect against RFID skimming. RFID skimming is a type of electronic pickpocketing where thieves use a handheld device to scan and capture the RFID information stored on credit cards and debit cards. This information can then be used to make unauthorized charges. RFID secure wallets are designed to protect against this type of theft, by blocking the signal from the RFID chip and making it impossible for thieves to read the RFID information stored on your cards. 


RFID Blocking Wallets Provide Security and Peace of Mind

RFID blocking technology provides an extra level of safety against high-tech pickpockets to help put your mind at ease while traveling or going about your daily life. Considering the risks, and potential consequences, of RFID skimming, investing in an RFID blocker wallet is a smart move.


Find the RFID Blocking Wallet That Suits Your Style

Whether you're someone who carries around a huge purse to store their wallet or someone who stuffs their wallet in the pocket of your jeans, there are RFID blocking wallets of all kinds and sizes to cater to your needs. 

In this collection, you can find RFID protection pocket wallets, minimalist wallets, cell phone wallet purses, and much more. Made from the highest quality materials, you can purchase wallets made using various kinds of leather and RFID technology to protect your credit card information, ID cards, and other private information from getting stolen while you go out. 


RFID Secure Tri-fold Wallet

Make a fashion statement when you carry around a Mancini RFID wallet made from the finest quality leather. This classic trifold wallet can organize all your cards, ID’s, and receipts in its numerous slots and pockets so you don't have to carry around a money clip. 

With its special metallic layer integration, you can get ultimate RFID security from RFID scanners, allowing you to go shopping without worrying about your information getting stolen. 


RFID Secure Bifold Wallet

The slim design of a bifold wallet is extremely convenient for days when you just need to leave the house with your wallet, phone and car keys. The classic bifold design lets your wallet filled with many cards, bills and cash fit right into your front or back pocket without putting up a fight. 

Available in various colours and sizes, sleek and slim bifold RFID wallets do not compromise on security, despite their small size. Each of our RFID secure wallets provides the same level of security and protection from scammers. 


Clutch Wallet

Clutch wallets are meant to hold your personal documents, cash, cards, and everything you feel is important enough to be in your wallet. They are slightly larger in size but provide the same level of protection for your valuable information as any other RFID wallet. Although they’re not small enough to fit in your front pocket, many models have a magnetic closure for added protection. 

At Mancini, you can find much more than just genuine leather RFID wallets. Discover our stylish hard case luggage, leather briefcases, and leather accessories for men and women!


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