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Ladies, did you know that you can have an organized and stylish wallet? MANCINI Leather Goods offers a wide variety of finely hand-crafted leather wallets, including wristlets, clutches, and cell phone wallets. Our selection comes in red, brown, cognac, and black, depending on your choice of model. Whether you’re looking for a conservative or laid-back look, we guarantee that your choice will be the epitome of sophistication.


Leather is a timeless material, so take some time to browse through our luxurious collections. You’ll find that our wallets for women are made with fine top-grain leather or full-grain oily and waxy cowhide. Our products are designed for a contemporary and sleek appearance.


MANCINI Leather Goods makes women’s wallets for all kinds of personalities. For the businesswoman on the go, we have wallets with snaps, so you can quickly access your personal effects. Feel more secure with zippers? Many of our women’s wallets have durable zippers that inspire confidence in our brand. Our women’s wallets are fully loaded, whether you choose a rectangular clutch or a trifold square wing wallet. We provide wallets that hold up to 17 credit cards and identification cards with a place for your checkbook, and coins. Some of our wallets for women have RFID technology built into them, so you never have to worry about your data being stolen.


What can a MANCINI wallet for women do?

With all of your cards, tickets, and receipts filed in order, you’ll no longer have to endure that stressful search while the cashier waits for you to pay.

Inexpensive wallets are notorious for stuck or broken zippers, thereby trapping your essentials. A MANCINI wallet will never betray you since we use strong materials that last a long time. Our wallets for women come with a MANCINI one-year limited warranty.

When the pizza delivery is on its way, you won’t need to dump all of your coins on the bed. MANCINI wallets provide ample space for all of your possessions.

When you want to make a hefty donation to your favorite charity, you’ll be able to pull your checkbook out of your wallet in a flash, forgoing a strip-search of your purse.

MANCINI understands the stress and frustrations women have with poorly designed wallets. Our leather wallets for women keep your valuables safe and arranged the way you want.

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