Leather Unisex Bags

Want to travel in style without the strings of gender attached? Then, these casual and elegant unisex bags are what you need.

MANCINI Leather Goods provides handcrafted leather items that suit people from all walks of life, whether you’re a traditional business person or a gender-blending youth in university. We carry a variety of bags for people with and without a gender, from waist to handheld to backpack-like bags.


Our selection of black, brown, and cognac bags are a mark of luxury and haute-couture. Spend the day sight-seeing with a double compartment bag or meet your friends with your trusty waist bag. Men, women, and anyone in between will love to show off their unisex bag no matter what their style is.


Pack all you need for work or school in a double compartment or large day bag. Depending on the model, you will find various accommodating design features in our backpack-styled bags:

  • Small front, side, and rear zippered compartments
  • A main zippered compartment
  • A detachable shoulder strap

These products fit everything you need, from your keys and phone to books and a laptop.


Get moving with one of these waist bags! You can leave your purse or duffle bag at work, bringing only the essentials in your waist bag while you run errands or have lunch at a restaurant with colleagues.

These products come with a detachable shoulder and waist strap in addition to a wrist strap for your travel convenience. You can easily store your credit cards, coins, keys, and any other small items. It's a simple item that gives you a break from carrying your heavy bag.


Men, women, and those individuals free from gender may prefer handheld leather bags rather than one for the waist or shoulder. We make our products so they suit the needs of busy people:

  • Keep your possessions in one place by using the main zippered compartment.
  • The rear organizer lets you easily find the right card with the credit card slots.
  • Switch from hand to shoulder with an attachable shoulder strap.

MANCINI blends traditional fashion with innovation by including RFID wave-blocking technology. Get one of these models to protect your data and personal information. 


Some people value their appearance and what their fashion choices say about themselves, so gender-neutral individuals will love our versatile unisex products.

Shopping for your first leather bag? MANCINI has a wide selection that will help you look classy and professional while giving you the confidence to take on the world! Leather is durable when properly maintained, so in five years, it will still look brand new and timeless. It's an investment not everyone is ready to make, but it's a great alternative to replacing a nylon bag every two to five years.

Check out our other products, including accessories, wallets, and our backpack selection. We offer free shipping on orders over $100, so start shopping now!

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