Leather Backpack Collection

MANCINI Leather Goods provides handcrafted leather items that suit people from all walks of life, whether you’re an established business person or a university student, or simply a parent looking for something that will meet the needs of your school children, we carry a vast selection of leather backpacks that will meet your needs.


When it comes to choosing a backpack for our laptops and other electronic essentials, leather provides an exceptionally durable and stylish exterior that will resist daily wear and tear and protect its contents. 

These characteristics make leather backpacks an ideal choice for carrying our precious electronic devices. Leather also has natural insulating qualities that help protect against the heat and cold to protect our electronic accessories against extreme temperatures, which presents a significant risk for damage. With their combination of functional features, handy pockets and sharp good looks, leather backpacks are the clear choice for today's laptop user. 

When it comes to laptop bags, leather backpacks are now the best option. Gone are the laptop bags of old that only had enough room for a laptop and nothing else. 

Today’s leather backpacks are specifically designed to provide adequate protection for laptops, while still offering the comfort and style of a traditional backpack, as well as additional storage space. The leather backpacks in our collection are made from top-quality, durable leather that help to keep laptops safe from bumps, scratches, and other hazards, while still leaving enough room so that it can be used as a shopping bag in a pinch! 


Our leather backpacks feature padded internal compartments, with the right dimensions for laptops, that work to evenly distribute the weight of a laptop across the entire back panel of the bag, thus reducing shoulder strain and back discomfort. Because they are well-constructed and ergonomically designed, leather backpacks are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their laptop safe and protected while still enjoying all the benefits of a traditional backpack.


In search of your first leather backpack? We offer a vast selection of bags for men and women that will help you look classy and professional while giving you the confidence to take on the world! 

Leather is durable when properly maintained, so in five years, it will still look brand new and timeless. It's an investment not everyone is ready to make, but it's a great alternative to replacing a nylon bag every two to five years.

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