Leather Travel Bags

Having different types of genuine leather travel bags lets you get stuff done while looking fabulous, whether you’re heading out for a day of shopping or going for a weekend trip.

As a valued name in the industry, MANCINI Leather Goods handcrafts products so they last for years and retain their rugged charm. A leather duffle bag or carry-on is an exceptional alternative to sporting an oversized gym bag that may contain odours you don’t want contaminating your clean clothes.

MANCINI offers the best travel models in black, brown, and cognac to easily blend with your wardrobe. Freelancers, university graduates, and business people are just a few examples of who will benefit from a leather travel bag.


There are a variety of bags available on the market, including nylon and canvas. But these materials wear out fairly quickly, even when properly maintained.

Depending on the brand and the amount of use, other types of bags can wear out within their first year, with broken zippers or a split seams. However, genuine leather is an organic material that withstands time. Yes, it's a costly product, but you must view it as an investment in one bag that will last for many years.


Our waist bags can be worn around the waist, on the shoulder, or around your wrist. They have removable straps to accommodate your preferences. They are designed to let you keep your small items organized within several compartments.

When you want your wallet and keys close to you, a waist bag is a handy accessory to have, especially since some pieces of clothing are made with small pockets and women's clothing often don't have any pockets.

Waist bags make for the best leather travel bags when you need to run over to the store or meet someone for lunch during your work day.


Our duffle bags have the right blend of European contemporary and urban essence that will suit any type of working person. Most of our models feature everything you will need for a short trip:

  • A main compartment for clothes and small toiletry bag
  • A padded compartment for a tablet or laptop
  • Small front or side pockets for a phone, wallet, keys, and earbuds
  • A detachable shoulder strap
  • A strap to carry another bag, such as your lunch or shoes

Leather travel bags are the go-to weekend bag when visiting family or spending time at your girlfriend or boyfriend's apartment. A leather bag makes for a reliable companion that you can take anywhere because it's compact while providing enough space for your most needed items.


Carry-on cases let you keep your essentials with you on the plane, train, or bus while travelling abroad. They're compact to fit in luggage compartments, under your seat, and between your feet. Versatility is the main characteristic of this type of bag.

They feature some of the same design elements as the duffle bag:

  • A main compartment
  • Multiple interior compartments
  • Small front or side pockets for a phone, wallet, keys, and earbuds
  • A detachable shoulder strap

Carry-ons and duffle bags are similar leather travel bags, so it's often a matter of taste when choosing which one you prefer for those short business trips and temporary living arrangements.


Whether you're looking for full grain leather or top grain, MANCINI offers lovingly handcrafted leather waist bags, carry-ons, and duffle bags. Leather is the best choice for your adventures because it adds class and character to your overall image.

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