Whether it be for a weekend getaway or for a longer period, some belongings just cannot be left behind! Therefore, luggage plays an important part when traveling. Here is a list of key points to look for in your travel bags to simplify your future travels!


There are a lot of luggage formats available according to the type of trips you take, and you will want to choose your travel bags accordingly. Some suitcases are expendable, which lets you increase the storage capacity depending on the amount of space you need. Suitcases are usually available in soft or hard shell options or even a combination of both. Soft shell suitcases are more malleable; it is, therefore, easier to make them fit in smaller spaces. However, the hard shell suitcases are best to protect your belongings (strong point for hard shell suitcases; they are more easily washable and water resistant!). Luggage sets can prove to be extremely convenient because you’ll already have the ideal size of suitcases you need on hand for every destination and all types of trips.


Whether it be for braving the long airport corridors or for your personal ease of transport, the 360° pivoting spinner wheels enable effortless movement in all directions, making it easier to squeeze between other passengers and their travel bags at airports or hurdle any obstacles in the city. Moreover, outside handles on luggage will make it easier for you to stow your carry-on suitcase in the overhead compartment, and load and pick up your larger luggage at check-in and at the carousel. If you travel by plane, your luggage’s weight is an important consideration. Lightweight suitcases enable you to pack more without exceeding luggage’s weight limits allowed by airline companies.


To avoid finding your belongings scattered all over the luggage carousel, it’s best to get zippered suitcases that can be locked. Various types of locks, such as padlocks and built-in locks, are available for your travel bags. Interior tie-down straps will assure that your belongings remain secured in place, so you won’t find them all unraveled in your travel bags once you arrive at your destination.


You may want to choose a bag that allows you to compartmentalize your belongings, so you can locate them quickly and have easier access. To avoid having to dig through your suitcases to find smaller items, an organized system with pouches and zippered pockets is essential. They also enable safe storage of travel documents, beauty accessories, footwear, electronics, etc. Four wheeled suitcases are useful as they are more stable, which can be handy when you need to retrieve items and quickly put them back in place. In addition, they are less likely to flip over when you are on the run. It’s also better to have a colorful luggage or one with a distinctive sign so that you can quickly identify it on the airport carousel.

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