Gift Guide: Luxurious Leather for Your Valentine

Because the nature of a Valentine’s Day gift often reflects the current status of your relationship, you might find yourself unsure about what to buy for your special someone this February. At MANCINI’s, all of our products are made with the finest leather, so your partner will see how much you care, no matter the size of the gift. A great alternative to the traditional offerings of flowers and chocolates, browse through our online shop to pick out the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Still need help? Our CASABLANCA collection is the go-to selection for many of our returning clients, and perfect for any occasion. If you don’t know the first thing about leather, don’t worry! The team at MANCINI has put together some guidelines to help you figure out not just what kind of leather would best suit your partner, but how to protect it as well.


Find the Perfect Gift from CASABLANCA

Named after a classic love story, our CASABLANCA collection shows your partner how much you care, reminding you both of Rick and Ilsa’s ill-fated love affair and why you should appreciate every day you have together.

MANCINI Leather Goods effortlessly blends traditional and urban styles in every carefully made product. We know that most people are on the go and need items that are small, slim, and secure while being trendy. CASABLANCA includes RFID-secure and regular clutch wallets, wristlets, cell phone wallets, billfolds, and passport holders. Each item comes in rich colours, such as cognac, black, brown, and red—the perfect colour for Valentine’s Day!

At MANCINI, you’ll be sure to find the gift that perfectly matches your sweetheart’s lifestyle. From zippers and removable passcases to slot holders and coin pockets, our CASABLANCA collection provides a multi-functionality that is hard to beat. MANCINI provides each CASABLANCA leather good with a one-year limited warranty. 

Leather also makes an exceptional gift for business-oriented or for the whimsical individuals who love adventure and travelling the world. 

Consult our full list of accessories for that special someone in your life, and pick out a great gift today!

What Kind of Leather Should I Get?

While shopping for leather items, you will often notice a reference to the grain of leather. The grain of a piece of leather determines its texture. The finer the grain, the smoother the surface is.

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Here is a complete guide of the different types of leather:

  • Full grain: The grain has not been changed, allowing the leather to develop a natural sheen with all of the markings showing as it ages. Fine leather is reputed to have this look.
  • Top grain: The top layer of the grain has been altered, usually by sanding, to give it a uniform effect.
  • Corrected grain: The grain is sanded more rigorously, usually to remove imperfections. To alter the leather’s appearance, an artificial grain pattern will be applied.
  • Split: The upper layer (top grain) is separated from the lower layer (split). An artificial grain pattern is then applied to the split. 
  • Vegetable-Tanned: This method of hide tanning dates back centuries. It uses organic materials, such as tree bark to tan the hide. 
  • Chrome-Tanned: By using chromium salts, the hide becomes softer and more flexible compared to vegetable tanning. This method facilitates the leather’s colour change and adds a protective layer, so it won’t be as vulnerable to water. 
  • Drum dyed: This is a tumble dying process where the leather is immersed in dye and rotated in a drum. It enables the dye to fully absorb the colour. 
  • Nubuck: This is a top grain leather. The top grain layer is sanded for a velvet finish.
  • Oily: The leather is treated with an oil, making it one of the strongest types around. The leather will have an oil content of more than 15% of its weight.

Is Leather Waterproof?

Chrome-tanned leather is the only leather that has a protective layer from water. However, it’s still a good idea to protect it. 

Water causes leather to harden and crack. Running water on the surface leads to erosion, removing the leather’s colour and triggering mould and staining. Additionally, leather can start to smell once it has absorbed water.

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If you can’t avoid your leather bag from coming into contact with water, there are ways to pre-treat it:


Beeswax is a top quality polish for wood, vinyl, and leather. It protects leather from water and mould, and even prevents rotting. Remember to look for a beeswax leather conditioner that is made for the type of grain your product has. Coconut oil is another good natural conditioner for leather, but it must contain a wax for full protection. 

When you clean your bag, always use white cloths. A coloured cloth can transfer its dye to the leather and alter the look.


You may not always have the time to apply beeswax to your precious leather. Using a leather protective spray is an excellent alternative. With over 35 years of being in business, Moneysworth & Best is considered a trusted brand for leather protective sprays. 


If you want to add another protective layer to your leather, particularly leather bags and business cases, use a cover. You can find transparent ones and even some with nice prints, such as those made by Trench Tote.

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