Since its invention in 1850, the briefcase was mainly associated with the business market. An old saying even proposes that if you need a suit, you have to own a briefcase. Indeed, if you regularly wear a suit or a blazer, the attaché cases are the most stylish choices for a professional bag. Today, the business cases are suitable for all professions that involve the transport of documents, laptop or other from one place to another. Although some business cases often have specific usages, they are practical for various purposes.

A briefcase tailored to your specific needs

  • Tablet and laptop briefcases

This type of briefcase is often the one chosen by most people as their first professional bag. Used by students as much as professionals, laptop briefcase features padded compartments to allow better protection of electronic devices. They also offer various compartments and practical pockets to keep a good organization within the briefcase and allow easy access to personal items.

  • Wheeled briefcases

This is the ideal type of briefcase for business trips and it allows you to go directly from the airport to an appointment while maintaining a professional look. Wheeled briefcases are designed for mobility and functionality. They are often equipped with shoulder straps or a retractable push-button locking handle, various compartments and multiple practical pockets, making it a professional bag among the most versatile.

  • Leather Attaché cases

Classic and always contemporary, traditional attaché cases are primarily used by businessmen, businesswomen, lawyers, notaries and accountants. Their appeal lies in their simplicity, refinement and the invariably professional image that they project in business meetings. Hard business cases protect belongings better on the inside and they sit up straight without sagging when placed on a table or on the floor. They are also often equipped with combination locks, which makes them ideal for the transport of important or confidential documents.

  • Catalog cases

Frequently used by representatives on the road, the catalog cases are convenient for carrying presentation materials. The separate compartments of this type of briefcase are ideal for the transport of product samples, brochures, folders and others. Some of them are also equipped with a zippered folder to keep a better organization. Catalog attaché cases sometimes have wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transport over longer distances.

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) secure business cases 

This type of briefcase is equipped with the latest wave blocking technology to permanently block the signal from electromagnetic chips and to ensure that your data and cards are safe. Tablet and laptop briefcases are Increasingly equipped with this technology protecting your banking cards from scammers. This feature is useful for professionals using public transportation or that often find themselves in public places.

Buying a good quality briefcase is a good investment that will allow a continued use for several years. When selecting a professional bag, it is important to consider the use you will make of it and what you have to carry, whether it is documents, personal belongings, power cables, books, etc.

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