Leather Briefcases for Women

Discover Luxurious Women’s Leather Briefcases 

Luxury and elegance go hand in hand when you shop at MANCINI for leather briefcases. In this collection of stylish and finely crafted leather briefcases for women, you will find timeless accessories that will help make sure that you are prepared to take on the day. 

MANCINI leather briefcases are ideal for daily use and provide the perfect balance between trendy and classic office accessories. As the embodiment of style and functionality, our briefcases are designed to provide utmost comfort and organization to the women that use our products. 

Available in black and shades of brown, the models in this collection of leather briefcases provide a spacious interior compartment large enough to tote around all your daily essentials. Safely carry your belongings and organize them in one of the many compartments and zippered pockets found in your briefcase. 


A Leather Briefcase Worth Your Time

As strong, independent women climbing up the corporate ladder, a leather briefcase will show your colleagues you mean business while providing easy day-to-day functionality. 


Briefcase Features 

The many unique features of our leather briefcases make our high-quality products stand out from the rest of our competitors. Our briefcase comes with the added security you didn’t know you needed. The latest RFID wave blocking technology is wired into a briefcase compartment to prevent data theft. 

Our briefcases come with zippered compartments and soft pockets specially designed to help organize and keep smaller essentials convenient. You’ll find a zippered compartment with separate padded sleeves to keep your phone, wallet and other devices secure and protected. To ensure you have essentials such as car keys close to your fingertips, a front or back zipper compartment is also added to the briefcase. With a main compartment big enough to fit all your belongings, you can go to work conveniently carrying one fashionable bag.

For our hardworking travelling business women, our briefcases have a special addition to them: attach-a-bag strap. Place the briefcase on your other luggage during personal or business trips and easily transport your laptop and other important documents. 


Shop MANCINI For Top-Quality Leather Briefcases For Women

Made exclusively from high-quality leather, MANCINI products age beautifully, standing the test of time with ease. Whether you're looking for briefcases, laptop bags, wallets, or organizers, MANCINI has the perfect product for you.

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