Messenger Bag

Why You Need a Messenger Bag in Your Life

There’s nothing wrong with living in the moment. But everything we own has a history, from that particular item you own to a mass-produced item’s design. The idea for every item was, at some point, in someone’s head or on someone’s drawing board. It seemed as if it would never be a reality, yet there it is now, on your desk or hanging in your closet.

It’s the same with the messenger bag. It’s currently associated with the hipster style, but it has an origin that reaches farther back in time to the 1860s when the Pony Express was used. Messengers literally rode horses to deliver mail that they kept in their leather satchels. 

A Brief History 

The next time messenger bags were commonly used was in World War II. Like the Pony Express, dispatch riders used an ancestor of the messenger bag to deliver mail. They used wool bags that went over the shoulder in a sling style. Additionally, medics and army officers used messenger bags for supplies and documents. The use of a messenger bag hasn’t changed all that much.

As time went on, different professions also saw the functionality of using messenger bags, including phone workers and UPS bicycle messengers. Messenger bags became a fashion staple in the 1980s by John Peters of Manhattan Portage. In the decade that followed, brands started to feature the messenger bag in their clothing lines, such as Timbuk2 and Arc’teryx.

Today, the messenger bag maintains its place in various professions and the fashion world.

Mancini messenger bags

The Benefits of Using a Messenger Bag

Different bags mesh well with people’s personalities and lifestyles. Some people will prefer a backpack instead of a messenger bag because a backpack can provide an even distribution of weight.

However, messenger bags have several benefits:

  • Duality: Messenger bags enable users to carry it in their hands and on their shoulder.
  • Lightweight: Since a messenger bag is made to be primarily carried on the shoulder, they are designed to be as lightweight as possible.
  • Transportable: Unlike backpacks, messenger bags remain flat. This feature emphasizes their elegance.
  • Organized: Equipped with a few pockets, you can easily find and grab your smaller items, such as keys, pens, and your cell phone.
  • Durability: Leather messenger bags last for years, especially when users take care of them.
  • Minimal contact: When travelling, a messenger bag rests against your hip and upper thigh without affecting your body’s temperature. Backpacks, on the other hand, keep your back hot and sweaty.

If you want less stress and a casual-chic ensemble, the messenger bag is your must-have accessory. We guarantee it will become your faithful companion, whether you’re travelling abroad or attending class.

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