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How to Complement Your Outfits with a Leather Bag

In 2020, does a bag have to match your shoes or the whole outfit?

The answer is, no. Fashion is more laid-back than previous decades, more experimental. However, following that age-old rule of matching is your choice. People will notice that you took the time to coordinate your outfit, which will show that you care about the quality of your appearance and are fashion-savvy. 

For all you leather aficionados, MANCINI Leather Goods has outlined several ways to perfectly pair your MANCINI leather bag with your outfits. 

Day Bags

Our Arizona Collection embodies timeless casual elegance. What better fashion item could go with these bags than jeans? Jeans were invented in 1873 and continue to be a major fashion staple. Combine blue or black jeans with these day bags for a balanced blend of casual elegance. 

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It’s essential to consider what activity you’ll be doing. If you’re spending the day roaming around the city and checking out the sites, choose ripped jeans and comfy running shoes to add some attitude to your ensemble. If you’re having lunch with friends, try straight or slim-fit jeans. Women can flaunt their stuff with chunky boots or animal print pumps while men can show off their style with Venitian loafers or Chelsea boots.


Going to the office or a client meeting doesn’t have to be boring. Classic luxury is what defines our Signature Collection. When you have a black bag, a dark and bold palette is your best tool for creating your outfit. 

Liven up your grey, navy blue, or pinstripe suit with a bold touch. Men can go with a bright coloured tie or patterned socks, and women can opt for bright heels or jewellery that makes a statement. Some offices have rules about jewellery, so women could choose a striking blazer instead. 

Messenger Bags

The beauty of a messenger bag is that you can bring it to work, class, or any casual event and you’ll never be out of place. Contemporary meets the rawness of urban life in MANCINI’s Buffalo Collection

Messenger Bags

Women can play around with a variety of outfits, from a wool blazer, clean-cut jeans and flats to short shorts, a classic white tee and panama hat to a boho dress and knee-high boots. Men can spice things up by going from a basic t-shirt, beaded bracelets, and faded jeans in the day to a flat cap, tucked-in polo shirt, a bold belt, and trench coat in the evening.

Add Sophistication to Every Outfit with MANCINI

Our products offer a touch of luxury that makes any outfit stunning, whether you’re going for casual chic or dressed to the nines. We have a bag for every occasion! View our entire selection of bags, business cases, and luggage. Don’t forget that we also offer accessories, including wallets, toiletry kits, and credit card cases. Here is your opportunity to become part of the MANCINI family!

MANCINI Leather Goods hopes you are staying safe and shopping from home in order to flatten the curve. Check out our promotions, or speak with our customer service representatives!