Leather is probably the first durable discovery of mankind in the field of protective material. It was used by our ancestors as early as 5000 BC to make footwear, clothing and even crude tents. Archeological evidence point that around that time Egyptians were using leather for making gloves, bottles, and military equipment also.

It was Greeks who discovered the process of tanning using tree barks and leaves for the first time. There are pieces of evidence that they started using some kind of vegetable tanning during 500 BC. It is remarkable that vegetable tanning is still used in its updated form even today. After the Greeks, Romans started using the leather at a very extensive scale making a lot of products using it including shields, saddles, and harnesses.

Fast forward to recent times, because of its durability and sturdiness and the technology development related to its processing leather accessories became necessary household items. Leather bag is one of such products which is both a product of utility as well as fashion.

Tracing the origin of the leather Bag

It can be anticipated that some kind of holding device was required by the ancient man to carry their babies around. This may have been in the form of an extension to the clothing itself. A historical example of this is the mummy named Otzi which was found in the 1990s from the alps and is dated 3500 old.

As the novel methodologies of utilizing animal hide to form carrying accessories were developed a form of leather bag started to take shape. At the same time, these crude bags made of leather were also being used as a holding device for gatherings.

Developments in the leather bags

Early developed leather was hard and lacked a smooth texture. Clothing and seating made from that were not very comfortable. However, it was durable and some leather products exist today in very good shape even after hundreds of years. With the development of means of traveling, people required bags for holding their essentials. This led to the leather being utilized widely for making different kinds of bags.

By the time of renaissance, many craftsmen were producing very stylish and useful leather bags. Various special purpose bags started to be designed during this period like bags with multiple and even hidden pockets.

The result of these developments was that various experiments with these bags started to happen.  A lot of improvement happened during the next few centuries which turned the leather bags into fancy items. The products made by good craftsmen started being sought by wealthy people. As a lot of inexpensive material surfaced for making fairly durable bags, these crafted leather bags became somewhat a luxury item.

Leather bags today

The cost of the leather bags has come down a lot now owing to the development of technology. Leather bags today have various shapes, colors and sizes, and they are a lot more durable in comparison to the bags of other materials like cloth or plastic.

Even these developments led to the leather bags attaining a special position in the market. A good leather bag is sign of professionalism and fair standing. They are by far more protective than a bag of any other material. How is your leather bag treating you?

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