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You get ready in the morning, making breakfast, showering, dressing. You’re on time. But when you get to your bag, you can’t decide which one to take. 

You take the nylon, but it doesn’t have as many compartments as your leather bag. What if it rains? You don’t want your leather bag to get damaged, even if you have an umbrella. On the other hand, the zipper on your nylon bag has been giving you trouble. What if you can’t open it once you get to work?

So many questions to consider when choosing the best bag for daily activities. The MANCINI professionals have laid out the best arguments in this showdown of leather vs. nylon. 

How Leather Is Made

Leather is made from an animal’s hide. It is thoroughly cleaned to remove all debris, such as hair, and then stretched and tanned. Leather can be tanned in all sorts of ways. It can be softened with chromium salts, it can be sanded for a velvet finish, and even dyed.  

Naturally tanned vegetable full grain leather is prone to the patina effect. This means that the leather gains a soft sheen the more it’s used and as it ages. The leather absorbs everything, from sunlight to your body’s movements. After a while, the effect gives the leather character and a timeless look.

How Nylon Is Made

When you think of nylon, women’s stockings or netting come to mind. 

Nylon is a man-made polymer that was created in 1935 by Wallace Carothers of DuPont Chemicals. It is, essentially, plastic thread. There are hundreds of familiar items that contain nylon, including toothbrushes, umbrellas, and children’s toys.


The Argument for Leather

Here are the benefits of using a leather bag:

  1. Leather lasts much longer than nylon. It can survive for years, particularly if you take care of it. All it needs is a conditioner, such as beeswax or coconut oil with wax. It will prevent water from eroding and creating cracks in the material.
  2. Because of its durability, a leather bag can be passed down through generations. If it has a patina effect, the leather bag will be all the more valuable.
  3. The tanning methods used for leather make it lightweight. Other types of bags, including fake leather, add weight to your load, which can be heavy if you’re already carrying a laptop and a book or two.   
  4. Some leather bag models are made with RFID wave-blocking technology to protect your data. Your credit cards and portable drives remain safe while you travel.
  5. If you need to travel with sharp objects, like your trusty set of cooking utensils, you won’t need to worry about your bag getting damaged if one falls out of its casing. Leather is made strong for functionality.
  6. Some people need leather laptop bags since they’re designed with the right compartments for files, laptops, writing tools, and books. Additionally, the exterior appearance exudes sophistication and professionalism that influences people to take you seriously. Lawyers, travellers, and students benefit greatly from using a leather backpack, briefcase, messenger bag, or any other type of real leather accessory.
  7. Like attention? Leather bags, though often in neutral tones, still catch people’s eye since they’re so luxurious and few people own a real leather product. 
  8. Leather is usually expensive, but it’s not just a bag or wallet; it’s an investment. Treating it with the proper TLC guarantees its longevity. Additionally, many high-quality brands often have sales, so you can save a bit of money on your new faithful companion or use that cash for a matching leather wallet. 

outdoors walking with backpacks

The Argument for Nylon

Here’s why you should use a nylon bag: 

  1. Nylon is a cheap material, making it a popular choice for all kinds of bags, from kids’ school bags to your grocery tote. If you’re on a budget or don’t want a high-quality bag to get damaged, nylon bags are the best way to go.
  2. Because nylon is so popular, you won’t stand out in a crowd, which many people prefer when they’re travelling and going about their business.
  3. Getting caught in the rain isn’t a big deal because your bag will absorb the water and dry. However, it will stretch up to 3.5%. Some nylon bags come with a rain cover, so your bag will be protected if you don’t have an umbrella handy.
  4. A nylon bag is usually machine washable, so if things got crazy in art class or your lunch accidentally opened, the stains and smell won’t be permanent. Nylon bags are resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, as well as developing mould and mildew. 

Leather vs. Nylon: Who Is the Winner?

Owning a leather bag comes with a greater responsibility than nylon, but each type of bag has some negative features. Many people stay away from leather because they don’t like animal products whereas others hate nylon bags because they can’t be recycled very easily when they’re no longer usable. Your lifestyle and personal tastes factor into your bag choice. 

When you own both types of bags, you need to consider the weather and how much you value your belongings. You might be a person who absolutely refuses to bring your prized leather bag on your trip where you’ll be camping, hiking, and doing other rough outdoor activities. Some leather aficionados will trust in their leather backpack’s durability and take it with them. 


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Some people are in love with coffee and its heavenly aroma, others can’t get enough of books and the cosy feeling of reading on a rainy day. Then, there are those like-minded individuals we identify with who are seduced by the tantalizing feel and scent of real leather products.  

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