Although some handbags are primarily intended for a female clientele, there are many bags that are created to be suitable for both men and women. Unisex bags allow both sexes to carry and protect their personal and everyday items.

A little look back at the handbags history

Several hundred years ago, both women and men used handbags and purses. They were using what we today call ‘handbag’ during their various trips. Formerly called hand luggage, the term handbag appeared in the early 1900s. Hand luggage was used to carry items of value, i.e. money, jewelry and personal items. Then, the bags were worn attached to the belt or girdle so that people would have their hands free. With the introduction of the pockets in clothing, men and women slowly stopped using handbags and purses.

 The return of handbags 

The increase in the number of technological tools that must be carried daily has given back the “indispensable” title to the handbags. They allow men and women to protect their belongings and prevent the deformation of their pockets or to lose something that might fall out of their pockets. The men, who forsaken the handbag, now opt for unisex, messenger or tablet bags to carry all their technological tools, wallets and personal items.

Typical unisex bag features 

More often selected for their functionalities, unisex bags must also please by their look. Although their format varies per their use, unisex bags generally have classic and neutral colors to fit both masculine and feminine outfits. They usually have a sober style, as they can be worn by both men and women, and made of leather or thick canvas.

Created to please both women and men, unisex bags are timeless and their chic and classic look allows them to be worn by both sexes without distinction. Messenger bags, tablet bags, travel bags, briefcases and compact bags are good examples of unisex bags. The Mancini Leather collections of messenger bagsbags for tablet and handbags will meet your professional and personal needs.