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Personalized Luggage Tags – A Must-Have for Frequent Travellers

A leather luggage tag is the perfect 24/7 accessory – no matter where your travels lead you. 

Not only can it help you easily pick out your luggage at baggage claim, but having a luggage tag emblazoned with rich leather and polished hardware will provide style to any traveler’s ensemble. And aside from adding an individual flair to traveling, luggage tags also provide an important function of clearly displaying your contact information so that in case luggage is lost or misplaced you can easily be contacted. 

So why settle for ordinary luggage tags when you could spruce up any suitcase by attaching a stylish, durable, and eye-catching leather luggage tag? 

MANCINI leather luggage tags are designed to provide you with a practical way to store your contact information. And when you’re not traveling through busy airports and train stations, our leather tag can serve as a convenient place to store your business card.

MANCINI Leather Luggage Tag – Perfect For Your Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Add a splash of style to your luggage with our luggage tags! Our luggage tags boast an attractive and timeless design that looks great on suitcases, briefcases, purses, or any other travel accessories. These luggage tags feature privacy-protecting flaps to cover up the contact information printed on the back. 


Designed with a leather flap that clips on, you can cover the card or contact information label underneath and protect your contact details from the eyes of strangers. The security cover can be easily lifted to reveal your business card, or personal details. 


Spare yourself by constantly needing to look back at your bag to see if your luggage tag is still hanging because with a MANCINI leather luggage tag, we ensure our leather goods are designed to provide you with easy access and functionality. Our leather tags are equipped with a buckle that can be fastened on for better protection and grip. 

MANCINI – You’re One Stop Shop For Luxury Leather Goods

At MANCINI, we’re your one shop stop for the finest quality leather goods for men and women. We make it easy to find quality leather wallets, passport holders, messenger bags, travel accessories with RFID protection and much more!  Whether you need a classic leather luggage tag, or a briefcase for work, we have just the right leather goods for you!


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