Leather Briefcases

Leather briefcases are timeless fashion accessories that lend an air of professionalism to the owner. While it’s important to not judge people based on their appearance, when a person projects confidence and takes their work seriously, it attracts people, from potential clients to love interests to friends, and beyond.

Even if you wear running shoes at the office or a blazer with jeans, a briefcase is your way of upping your game!

MANCINI Leather Goods makes genuine leather bags that endure the daily trials and tribulations with you while still looking elegant. From those study group sessions in the university library to meetings with a client, our men and women’s briefcases are the wardrobe staple you’re missing.


MANCINI utilizes time-tested tanning techniques and designs to make beautiful works of art. We accent our bags with an exterior that appeals to every sort of person. Choose from a double-buckled flap to an exterior pocket with a zippered compartment to the traditional crisp exterior with handle and locking mechanisms.

Many of our models of men’s briefcases are handcrafted with a variety of features that accommodate your needs, including:

  • A pocket or sleeve lined with RFID wave-blocking technology to protect your data
  • A padded laptop sleeve
  • A pocket organizer for small items, such as pens, wallet, cell phone, and keys
  • A compartment organizer for folders, files, and books
  • A detachable padded shoulder strap


Our briefcases with wheels allow you to travel with ease. When the weight gets to be too much, put your bag down and extend the handle. Our wheeled models are designed to fit through airplane aisles for those busy executives who need to travel abroad. Another perk to having a briefcase with wheels is that the bottom has less chance of getting dirty when placed on the floor or ground.

The intention of leather briefcases for men and women are to be functional and last for many years. As long as you properly clean and take care of your bag, it can endure a high amount of travel.

In fact, naturally tanned vegetable full grain leather generates the patina effect. From your movements to the sunlight, the leather will absorb these elements and develop a character that translates into a unique classic look.


The world moves forward, but some traditional beliefs carry over through the decades. Much like the little black bag that is associated with a doctor making house calls, leather briefcases continue to be the choice of bag for many men and women in power, including lawyers and business owners. It provides that “I mean business” attitude that is a signal for everyone around.

Are you a young professional finishing college or university? Leather briefcases for men and women can buy you some time as you figure out the direction of your career. One look at your briefcase can silence those nagging family members. They'll realize you're taking yourself seriously and taking action to move forward in your life.


MANCINI has a wide selection of hard and soft-shell briefcases that come in black, brown, and cognac, depending on the model. All of our bags come with a one-year limited warranty. As an alternative to leather, we also offer models made of long-lasting 1680 denier ballistic nylon.

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